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“One of the constant and recurring themes with veterans is that they feel a loss of connection with their 'tribe' when they transition from service. The CCF aims to provide that sense of connection and in doing so, provides a valuable resource to assist with caring for our mates.“

Leanne Iseppi

Are you a leading corporation, government agency, service provider, or small business with a passion for Australia's Signals veterans? We want to hear from you! By supporting the Foundation, you can make a valuable contribution to the well-being and advancement of Australia's Defence community while fostering the growth and transition of technical skills.

Your support will not only impact the lives of our Signals veterans but also help shape the future of Australia's defence capabilities.

Special centenary projects

Help us make history by adding your company name to one of the very special activities we are planning to celebrate the Royal Australian
Corps of Signals Centenary in 2025. There are exciting events and a raft of commemorative projects on the drawing board in technology, sport, history and art. Planning is well underway so don’t miss this rare opportunity to take a lead role in Certa Cito 100!

Make history by adding your company's name to our very special activities, celebrating the Royal Australian Signals Corps Centenary in 2025. Exciting events and commemorative projects in technology, sport, history, and art are already in the works. Don't miss this rare opportunity to take a lead role in Certa Cito 100!

Corporate sponsorship packages

The Foundation offers a range of sponsorship options that can be tailored to align with the needs of your organisation.

Benefits include:

  •  Direct referrals
  •  Increased reach
  •  Targeted exposure
  •  Recognition in the Defence community
  •  Reduced marketing costs
  •  Links to networks and knowledge
  •  Database building opportunities
  •  Enhanced relationships

We value all kinds of support including:

  •  Financial assistance
  •  Goods and services to assist members and families in need
  •  Prizes for programs and awards to encourage scholarship and education
  •  Services and hospitality for member networking and events
  •  Professional services to support our operations
  •  Your time as a volunteer or guest speaker

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