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“The CCF is for Signals people: serving, veterans, families and those who value RA Sigs and seek to promote our interests.

Through connection we can advance our people’s causes and improve their way of life for the betterment of all.”

Chris Rule

The Certa Cito Foundation is a great way to stay in touch while doing your bit to support your fellow Signallers and their families. There are so many opportunities to get involved — become a member, sponsor a program, share your story or make a donation!

Become a member

We welcome new members and would love to connect you with other members of the Signals community in your area. Membership is open to anyone who supports the goals of our Foundation, including current and former serving Defence members, families, and other community supporters. We offer a choice of membership packages with special concessions for pensioners and DVA Gold Card Holders.

“The Signals community has been crucial in my career in secure telecommunications and cyber security. While luck may have played a part, having a strong external network made my transition from uniform into the Australian Public Service much easier.”

Cleon Walters

Meet some of the amazing members and supporters who are helping to wave the flag for our Royal Australian Corps of Signals community — their stories are truly inspiring. If you have a great story, or know someone who deserves to be recognised, please send us the details.

Commemorate, Recognise and Remember

The Certa Cito Foundation seeks to commemorate and recognise Signallers in our community who have reached substantial milestones and achievements in life.  If you know of a Signaller who is aged 90 or above and Signallers who are doing great things in their communities or have been recognised with awards please contact us so that we can share this with the members of the Foundation.  

The Certa Cito Foundation wishes to record and honour the passing of our fellow Signallers whose selfless and dedicated service has helped keep Australia safe. If you are aware of a Signaller who has passed away and wish to add their name to the CCF roll of honour, please contact us. Lest We Forget.

Support our work

Help us make history. Put your name to some of the very special birthday events and activities we are planning for the Signals Corps’ Centenary in 2025!

The Certa Cito Foundation relies on the generosity of individuals and organisations to deliver its programs and services so we can Care, Connect and Commemorate our Signals Community, particularly members and families who are experiencing hardship.

You can help by becoming a supporter and sponsoring our work or by making a donation.

Whether your contribution is large or small, we want to thank you for your generosity. Every bit counts!

Signal your support — connect with us today!